Live a prosperous, value-driven life.

Your life is not a simple choice between a journey or a destination. It is, in fact, a grand adventure filled with experiences and challenges – each with beginnings and ends. These all work together to feed the unrehearsed act of your time in this world. You can achieve a prosperous life by remaining focused on the values you choose on your journey. Values are simply the most important things in your life.

Most of us are distracted from what we know is important in our lives. We spend most of our time on the routine necessities or filling orders barked from others. However, as we accumulate experiences along the path of a value-driven life, everything becomes clear.

This book shares wisdom I discovered by being a father, spouse, and business guy. I learned that mistakes, regrets, and misfortunes dealt with early in life are blessings if used to strengthen focus on your values.

This book will help you become a better, happier person.